AGERs is a program for older adults with galactosemia who are in a more mature place in their lives, most are married and a few also have children.  See also the Generation G program for adults with galactosemia.

Are you ready for new heights?

The AGERs program at the Denver Galactosemia Foundation Conference will be the same as the Atlanta conference.  In 2018, participants in the AGERs program will have the option to participate in the two off-site activities with the Generation G and G-Force groups.  The off-site activities are:

  • Friday afternoon at Boondocks: arcade, laser tag, bowling, bumper boats and more!
  • Saturday afternoon at The Miller Activity Complex located at Castle Rock.

Register as "AGERs with offsite activites" to participate in the off-site activities.  If you do not want to participate in the offsite activities, register for the Adult General Program.

  • Registering as an AGER with offsite activites costs $50 more than the Adult General Program.  The additional $50 helps to cover the cost of the off-site activities, transportation to and from the activities, and a special t-shirt to be worn at the off-site activities
  • Only adults with galactosemia can register as an AGER with offsite activities and participate in the off-site activities - no children, spouses, family members, or friends
  •  There is no discount or refund if you only want to attend one of the two offsite activities

If you register for the Adult General Program, you can still join the AGERs group on-site but you will not be able to go to either off-site event.

Note: online registration will be your only opportunity to sign up for the off-site activities - it will NOT be possible to sign up at the conference because counts are needed for group activities and costs well in advance.

AGERs will attend the General and Breakout Sessions during the day when not at the off-site activities. We will reserve tables at lunch on Friday so we can eat together.  There will be a conference room where AGERs are welcome to come gather at any time during the conference to talk, ask questions, etc. 

AGERs coordinator

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