Maureen Bell

Maureen Bell was diagnosed as having classic galactosemia seven days after her birth in 1972. As a child, Maureen followed the lactose free diet and experienced many of the same issues that persons with galactosemia see today. Through her adulthood, Maureen has become a patient advocate for galactosemia by raising awareness for this genetic disorder. Maureen has spoken at numerous conferences both domestically and internationally on topics ranging from growing up with galactosemia, adherence to the diet, and living with pre-mature ovarian insufficiency. Maureen has also served as a Vice President of the Parents of Galactosemic Children organization and has attended many of the conferences in both an official and unofficial capacity. Today, Maureen lives in Chalfont, Pa with her husband of fifteen years and currently is a full-time nanny with a family for the last 7 years.