Betty Lehman, Lehman Disability Planning

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By my son, Eli’s, sixth birthday, he had 36 medical diagnoses, one of which was autism. I had to devote as much time navigating and fighting the systems as I did taking care of my son!

To create a more just, responsive, and humane world for Eli – and all Colorado families with children with extraordinary needs – I became a statewide leader for change. Working for transformation within Colorado’s early intervention system, public and private health insurance industries, disability initiatives and medical practices, I successfully:

• Spearheaded 14 Colorado statutes improving quality of life for people with disabilities and their families

• Served as the Executive Director for The Autism Society of Colorado

• Chaired the Colorado Autism Commission and the Colorado Division of Insurance Consumer Council

Today, as a Disability Advisor, I share my knowledge and wisdom with families determined to build a bright future. I offer disability planning services, essential to the success of my own journey, that have launched enriched outcomes for hundreds of families I have had the privilege to support.