Nicole Casale


Nicole became a member of the Board in September of 2014. She has attended both the Dallas and Orlando conferences and is looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2016. She and her husband Nick live in Latham, NY, and have three children, Noah, Joseph, and Reagan.  Joseph was born in March of 2012, and diagnosed with classic galactosemia at 5 days old. Like many he had a rough start, contracting meningitis at 9 days old, resulting in profound hearing loss in his left ear.  Today he is doing wonderfully.  He is currently in an integrated preschool classroom and receives speech three times per week.  Her other two children do not have Galactosemia, they may or may not be carriers.

Nicole is a financial educator and counselor at Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from University at Plattsburgh, and her Masters of Science in Special Education from the University at Albany. Her hobbies include running, baking, and coming up with new and creative dairy free dishes.