Linda Manis

Linda Manis is the mother of three children, Melissa—33, and twins Allison (Alli) and Adam (31)—Adam has Galactosemia. Adam was born in 1984, and by 1985, frustrated by the lack of information from their metabolic clinic, Linda founded Parents of Galactosemic Children (PGC), now the Galactosemia Foundation—with four mothers located around the country. She then started the PGC Newsletter, and by 1993, there were more than 200 families who had “joined” PGC. Eventually, other parents took the reins and guided PGC to where it is today. After attending the conference in Atlanta when Adam was 16, Linda realized that PGC was no longer just for parents and that it was just as important for the kids to meet other kids with Galactosemia. The Generation G program for young adults and later the G-Force program (for 13 to 19 year olds) were created to provide our kids with this opportunity. Linda’s interests and efforts continue to focus on those who have Galactosemia (educating, supporting, and providing opportunities for interaction), their siblings, and continued research on a variety of issues affecting not only children but adults with Galactosemia. Linda lives in South Florida with her son Adam and second husband Joe Leggio, where she works as an editor for CRC Press/Taylor & Francis (an academic publisher). Her daughter Melissa and her husband recently moved to Portland, Oregon.  Adam’s twin sister Alli, an upper cervical chiropractor with her own practice in South Florida—will be a breakout session speaker at the conference again this year.