Research Grant Winners

The GF Research Team is happy to announce the 2015 GF Grant Award recipients. Three proposals totaling $90,375 were awarded in April 2015. The awards were given to

Dr. Kent Lai - Mouse study - testing small molecule GALK1 inhibitors as therapy for CG -$49,500

Dr. Judith Fridovich-Keil Is trace dietary galactose related to cognitive outcomes in CG? -$30,000

Dr. Annet Bosch - International collaborative meeting to establish international G guidelines -$10,875

In all, there were seven proposals submitted to the GF Research Team. The research team carefully chose proposals based on the GF research budget and the potential impact the proposal would have on the GF community. Four proposals (Dr Sandy Van Calcar, Dr Gerard Berry, Dr Manshu Tan, Dr. Patricia Jumbo-Lucioni) were not funded due to the research accounts budget restraints.

The GF Research Team thanks all those who submitted proposals, all the peer reviewers, and the GF Board for a successful round five. The GF team especially thanks all those who donated to the GF Research Fund. Without the support of the GF community, there would be NO GF Grant Pro-gram at all! If galactosemia research is important to you, please consider fundraising for the GF Research Fund today! We need to raise AT LEAST $100,000 by 2017 to fund round six. If you would like to help and don’t know how, please contact us at!