Galactosemia Foundation Grant Program

Galactosemia Foundation Research Grant round 6 is now closed!  Thank you again to all researchers who took the time to prepare and submit applications. The research grant program is a key pillar for our organization. Please see the funded research page for more information on granted projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Eligible Project?

The Galactosemia Foundation funds a broad range of research, both scientific and medical, involving galactosemia, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of people with galactosemia. Research funded by this grant program may include, but will not be limited to, questions involving genetics, nutrition, diet, speech, physical and occupational therapy, and premature ovarian failure. Four kinds of project designs will be considered eligible for the grants program:

A. Research Projects: 

A research project is one that asks a research question that is answered through rigorous systematic methods. These projects may include but will not be limited to investigations of measurable outcomes in galactosemia care, epidemiology of galactosemia, and novel treatments for galactosemia.

B. Clinical Projects: 

A clinical project seeks to improve Galactosemia care through the development of tools that may augment the delivery of that care. Examples of this may include but will not be limited to the development of clinical pathways and creation of measurement tools (e.g., to assess quality of life).

C. Educational Projects: 

An educational project is one that designs or implements relevant educational programs, develops educational materials, or develops innovative educational tools for patients and the community.

D. Collaborative Meetings: 

Galactosemia Foundation recognizes the need for collaboration among professionals and therefore also encourages studies that demonstrate this important activity. The grants program will accept applications to fund collaborative meetings among professionals that may lead to future research projects.

What Level of Funding can be anticipated?

Grants have historically been for $50,000 or less, depending upon the scope of the research, clinical, educational, or collaborative project.  Grant amounts will be dependent on the amount of money available in the Galactosemia Foundation Research Fund.  Research projects must be completed within the time frame selected for the research as stated on the application.

Where do I find Application Forms?

When there is an active request for proposals, applications can be downloaded from the Galactosemia Foundation website (links below) or requested by emailing the Galactosemia Foundation Research Team

Seeking volunteer peer reviewers

The Galactosemia Foundation Research Committee is looking for qualified professinals to evaluate Galactosemia Foundation Research Proposal Grant Applications.  For more information or to indicate your interest in serving as a Peer Reviewer, follow the link below or email the Galactosemia Foundation Resarch Team.