Keith Topper

Keith Topper is a twenty-one-year-old student who was diagnosed with classic Galactosemia at five days old. A bilingual student, he is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Management with a Concentration in Law at the Questrom School of Business at Boston University, and he will be returning from a semester abroad in Madrid, Spain. Keith resides on Long Island, New York, where he lives with his younger brother Chris (who also has Classic Galactosemia), mother, father, and two dogs. Upon graduating college, he aims to pursue a JD and attend law school. In his free time, Keith likes to spend time with his dogs, play floor hockey, basketball, and workout. Keith has attended nine conferences, including the 2018 Conference. He has been involved in the Galactosemia Foundation in numerous ways, including keynote speaking at the 2010 & 2016 Conferences, and sitting on a discussion panel at the 2014 Conference. He looks forward to catching up with old friends, making new ones, and providing insight into the life of a person affected by Galactosemia.