Kellie Wilcox

Kellie Wilcox, and her family live in New Summerfield, Texas and have resided there for 19 years since she married her husband Jason. They have 4 children; Paden is 14 years old and their only child with galactosemia, Tori is 13 years old, Blaine is 8 years old and Keelee is 8 years old. They also had a Classic Galactosemia son that would be 16 years old, but passed away in infancy from complications. Kellie has worked at a small credit union in Rusk, Texas, for 19 years, 10 of those as CEO. She has volunteered with the Kiwanis and other service organizations, as well as serving on the Rusk Chamber of Commerce board. She also serves on the board for Galactosemia Families of the Southern States and was one of the original founders. She spends most of her free time with her kids at either gym or dance practices, baseball or softball games,  or various 4H contest and Boy Scouts activities.