The purpose of the Fundraising Team is to stimulate interest in fundraising and  provide support to those planning a fundraiser.  

The Galactosemia Foundation is a non profit organization run entirely by volunteers.  Without your fundraising efforts and donations, the Galactosemia Foundation cannot fulfill it mission to support those affected by galactosemia and to fund galactosemia research.

If you are interested in fundraising and would like to be an ACTIVE member of the Fundraising Team please contact Scott Saylor

 GF Fundraising

So you decided to have a fundraiser, now what?  Please explore the information below in order to get started, stay on track or to help in many ways

Facts about Galactosemia Foundation fundraising:

·         Anyone can hold a fundraiser representing GF. 

·         If you hold an event representing GF all funds raised (less any costs) must be sent to GF after the event. 

·         GF Logos can be used for an official GF fundraiser. 

·         GF is a 501c3 charitable organization.  All donations are tax deductible.  If you need Tax ID # please contact

·         If you hold an event where there is a cost actual donation would be donation less costs.  Example: Golf outing that you charge $100 where cost to golf course is $50, actual donation is $50. 

·         All checks should be made out to Galactosemia Foundation and mailed to: Treasurer Lisa Spiro

·         If you need credit option a PayPal link can be provided for your website. 

·         If you are raising funds for GF and another charity (local Children’s hospital), this must be broadcast in printed materials and at the event. 

·         You cannot raise money for yourself and/or family for travel to from conference or medical bills and represent as a GF fundraiser.  Any of these donations are not considered tax deductible unless you obtain your own 501c3 from the IRS. 

·         Where does my money go?  You can choose how donated money is divided among:

o   General Fund- This mainly funds conference costs but also supports educational materials and general expense. 

o   Research Fund- This funds our research grants. 

o   Paul P. Scholarship- This supports families to attend the conference. 

Other helpful notes:

·         Create an event flier.  Work with a local printer. 

·         Create your own website, many offer low fees to build ( and are a few). 

·         Using Charity Fundraiser sites.  Website like,,, etc.  are allowed however it must be noted that it would not be an official GF Fundraiser or page. 

·         Include pictures of your kids on fliers, websites, etc., people react to kids. 

·         Start small and build it larger as you learn from previous years. 

Ways to help GF without fundraising:

·         Annual Family Gift

·         Donation with Company Match (many companies match, double and even triple donations from their employees. 

·         Donations from companies you have a relationship with.  Many companies have an annual budget for giving and are happy to help when asked. 

·         Shop on-line with Goodshop or Amazon Smile (a portion of your shopping goes to GF)

·         Use Goodsearch for web searched (GF receives a donation for every search)



Event Ideas 

·         Golf outing

·         5K, Fun Run, Color Run, etc. 

·         Selling T-shirts, wristbands, other merchandise.

·         Auction- This can take many forms and can be as big or as small as you like.  Focusing on unique gifts usually drive auction prices. 

·         Reverse Raffle

·         Sports Pools- This can be done with any Sport.  NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, etc.  For example have an on-line pool like NCAA basketball tournament.  Participants fill out bracket and pay a fee.  Instead of all money being paid out to winners split the funds with half going to GF. 

·         Look for other ideas on-line: