The Galactosemia Foundation Research Team was established to manage a grant program to distribute Galactosemia Foundation Research Funds to support a broad range of research to lead to improvements in the lives of people with galactosemia. This grants program provides support to practitioners conducting medical and scientific research involving the metabolic disorder galactosemia. Research funded by this grant program includes, but is not limited to research about galactosemia involving nutrition, diet, speech, physical and occupational therapy, or premature ovarian failure. Eligible Projects include research studies, clinical projects, educational projects, or collaborative meetings.

Future grant rounds will be announced as we continue to search for promising treatments and a cure for Galactosemia. In 2011 we teamed with Dr. Gerard Berry and Dr. Susan Waisbren of Boston Children’s Hospital in an innovative proposal requesting a $500,000 grant from the National Institute of Health. While the proposal was not selected for funding, the Galactosemia Foundation welcomes future opportunities to partner in larger scale research proposals. The research team will work tirelessly to ensure that donations are wisely invested.

Research Team Members

  • Christy Johnson
  • Dan Lambert
  • Kelley Foley
  • Jonathan Mock
  • Beatrice Ortego
  • Owen Branson
  • Jen DeStefano
  • Justin Burgett