Donate Now!

Why Donate?

The Galactosemia Foundation is run entirely by volunteers and we rely on donations to allow us to continue working towards our mission. Therefore, a donation of ANY amount is greatly appreciated. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

How to Donate?

You may donate by clicking the link above. You can also mail your donation to the Galactosemia Foundation at 350 Northern Blvd, STE 324 -1079, Albany NY 12204-1000

General Fund

The general fund is used for to offset the costs of the bi-annual conference, and for the organization's limited legal, accounting, and printing fees. Conference registration fees pay for only approximately 25% of the cost of the conference.  The remaining 75% is covered by donations to the general fund.  General funds can be shifted to research funds at the GF board's discretion.


The research fund is used to fund eligible projects such as a research study, a clinical project, an education project or a collaborative meeting.

Paul PRUSZynski memorial Scholarship FUND

The Paul Pruszynski memorial scholarship fund is used to provide financial assistance to teens and young adults with galactosemia to enable them to attend the Galactosemia Foundation bi-annual conference.